In Memory

Danea Rexregis (Wilma) Zeta Jones Karmapa (Hummel)

Higgens: 05.05.2009 - 29.08.2016


Any: 1998 - 2011

This was our beloved one all started with.
Any was the daughter of our BX stud named tequilla. She was the mom of 2 wonderful litters and enjoyed her retirement from the fullest, mainly by chilling and playing with the youngsters. There couldnīt be no better auntie for our puppies possible.

Any died on 04/09/11. We will never forget her!

Tequilla: 1997 - 2008

Tequilla was my first bordeaux dogue and within a few weeks i knew, that he wouldnīt be the last and only in my life. I will carry tequilla in my heart forever. He was a very dominant male, who taught us , that the life of dogs isnīt about harmonie in the first place. Heīs the father of our Any as well.

Bonita: 1998 - 2009

Bonita -also called "Hexe (Witch)"- came to us at the age of 9 month. Unfortunatelly she grew up under very bad circumstances, that means her former owner forced her and 3 additional dogs to live in a 3 square-meters stall. She was afraid of almost everything and everyone, didnīt know much about life besides her tiny prison, no green grass, nothing. I wanted to try it anyway and I have never regretted it, despite many obstacles. She developed to an excellent girl with a very social essence, that taught us a lot about the rules and "ingrediences" of a dog pack."